CSP Presents the Visionary Thinkers Podcast

Hello, I’m Michele Tassinari, the host of CSP’s Visionary Thinkers Podcast series.  This podcast has two main purposes; community and professional growth.   The staffing and recruiting professionals in California are terrific people and we can learn a lot from them and their experiences. 

As a longtime member of the association, I’ve gotten to know these people and their stories.  This podcast opens a window into how they got started, what made them successful and the love and appreciation they have for this profession. The lessons they share are sure to benefit anyone in the industry.

I hope you’ll tune, meet some of your peers and connect with their stories.  Along the way you may learn a couple things about yourself and how to be successful in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry;

Visionary Thinkers Podcast Host

Kathryn Shepherd

President - The Focus Agency


  • Followed her dream of coming to California from Midwest
  • Lots of roadblocks along the way
  • Be open to change and opportunities put in front of you

Joe Cummings

President Royal Staffing


  • Came to California to escape the cold winters and humid summers of NYC
  • Learned the Business starting at the bottom, eventually purchasing his business
  • Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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