CSP’s Open Forum – Oct2020



Topics:  Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and Owners Only Retreat Safety

In today’s member Open Forum, we talked through the implementation of California’s required Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.  Employers with more than 5 employees must provide 1 hour of training to all employees and 2 hours of training to supervisors. The deadline to have this completed is the end of 2020.

Training Topics Discussed

Several topics came up related to implementation, getting people to take the required training, and more.  Of particular interest was the discussion on how to pay for the training and whether there was a way to leverage training provided by a previous employer.

Owners Only Retreat

Next on the agenda was the California Staffing Professionals Owners Only Retreat.  The retreat will be a live in-person event.  It is scheduled for October 28th to the 30th.  The event will be hosted at the Renaissance Resort in Indian Wells, California.

Event Safety to Keep Participants Safe

Finally they covered safety protocols to keep the event safe for everyone.  The team putting on the event worked closely with the hotel to implement numerous safety measures to keep everyone safe.  It starts with a temperature check and safety screen to enter the event.  A 3rd party vendor is performing this check to prevent favoritism from influencing decisions.

Much of the event (about 90%) will take place out doors in covered areas. A combinations of boxed meals and touch free drink dispensers help keep food and drink safe. To allow attendees to express their level of distancing they require, a coordinated ribbon system helps everyone know your comfort level.  It ranges from red to green.  Red means I prefer to keep my distance and keep to myself.  Yellow means I’m OK to talk but please keep your distance.  Lastly, a  green ribbon indicates I’m OK with being up close.

Smart Search

Thanks to Sponsor


Finally the meeting was sponsored by Smart Search.  They are an industry partner of the California Staffing Professionals and their expertise is applicant tracking systems and providing companies with an end to end easy to use solution for their staffing and recruiting.  You can learn more about Smart Search and a big thanks to them for being our sponsor for this meeting.

If you are a member of CSP, the recording of this event is available in the members section.

If you are not a member and would like to see this webinar replay or any of the many other replays we have available to members.  There is more information on how to join CSP by visiting the home page or at cspnet.org.

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