CSP VitalTalks Update Oct 2020

This past week ending October 9, 2020, CSP hosted a terrific staffing webinar on Vital Talks about PPP Audits and Forgiveness.  Our guests were from the Becker Legal group.   We had 3 attorneys for over an hour explaining how to prepare for an audit, considerations before submitting an application for forgiveness. It was followed with an overview of requirements to file for forgiveness.

It ended with about 20 minutes of questions and answers from the 50 or so members who joined us.    If you think about the cost talking to 3 attorneys for over an hour, it can run you more than $500, so a big thanks to the Becker team1.   If you are a member be sure to check out the recording in the member section of under Webinar Replays.  They also left their contact info if you have any follow up questions.

How to Access this Staffing Webinar Recording

If you are not a member, you are missing out on some vital information for your business.  You can visit Join CSP to find out how simple it is to join.  Members have access this terrific webinar along with archive recordings of numerous info-packed webinars from the past.

More CSP Events Including In-Person OOR Retreat

Finally coming up next week is an Open Forum  on line event.  It is on the 16th.  The Golden Gate chapter is hosting David Mitroff on the 15th.  CSP’s  in-person Owner’s Retreat is at the end of October from the 28th to the 30th.  The theme this year is, “You got this!” It features a mix of indoor and outdoor activities tailored to keep you safe as well as well informed.  More info can be found at CSPNET.org

Thank you and until our next staffing webinar or event, Stay Vital.