CSP’s Visionary Thinkers Staffing Podcast

The California Staffing Professionals is excited to announce our Visionary Thinkers staffing and recruiting podcast series. The series has two objectives; community and professional growth. In this series we chat with the leading voices from California about where they started and their journey into staffing and recruiting.

CSP Visionary Thinkers Podcast

Staffing Podcast for Community and Professional Growth

Along the way you will learn about what inspires these thinkers as they share insights into what made them successful. Not only does the audience get to meet some of the best our industry has to offer, they get a peek behind the curtain.   This is where our experts share some of the lessons they have learned about this business.  They reveal what they did to create success and step over obstacles.

Podcast Details

Our plan is to release one or two episodes per month. The episodes will be about 30 minutes and they are hosted by CSP VitalTalks very own Michele Tassinari.

The conversations always start with a bit of where you came from and how did you get into staffing.  It will surprise you how some of your peers got into this business.  You want to stay to the end to get that bit of wisdom from our guest’s lessons learned in the industry. 

It is good to know your peers.  Better still to learn from them.  You can listen on your way to work or sitting at at home with a glass of wine and cheese!  Either way, subscribe now so you don’t miss an episode of this wonderful staffing podcast series brought to you by the California Staffing Professionals. .

We hope you will join us for these wonderful stories from the California staffing and recruiting industry.

You can find the latest staffing and recruiting podcast on our website. Don’t forget to subscribe on Apple podcast or your favorite podcast site.

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