The Obvious Secret to Achieving Superior Results

Instead of a big build up and waiting to the end to reveal the secret, here it is.  To achieve superior results in staffing or recruiting, find someone who is producing superior results and copy them.  Well copy their process.  Talk to them, and then do what they do.  Obviously this is not much of a secret, but it is not hard to believe that it works so why is it that nobody really does it much?  Perhaps the reason is a bit subtler. 

On the Road to Long Term Success

Staffing and Recruiting Industry

In recruiting and staffing, like any industry, it is not hard to accept that there are a set of practices and methods that consistently show results superior to those achieved with other means.   Let’s examine the industry a bit to help gain perspective of what it takes to create superior results in recruiting in a shorter period of time.

In the golden era of recruiting it was index cards, and working the phones.  Then along came job boards and fax machines.  Now we have automated software that does everything from index candidate resumes to crawl the web for bits and pieces of info about candidates.  There’s social media, webinars, CRM’s, automated email campaigns and now we are in the dawn of Artificial Intelligence.  In short the tools have changed but through each iteration of new and improved tools, where everyone has for the most part had access to the same tools, some still are more successful.  What is the reason if everyone has access to the same tools? 

Talent is always the answers

The easy answer is talent but it is not the entire answer.  We all have different levels of skill when it comes to talking to people.  But there are coaches and trainers out there that can help improve those skills.  So we need to dig a little deep to understand why some achieve superior results.  

Perhaps the simplest description of why is something called best practices.  It is the ones who know how best to use the tools and work to develop their skills who are the ones that create superior results. 

So if we can all get the same tools and we can get training to learn how to improve our personal skills, how do we learn how best to use these tools and skills?  This means, the last piece to the puzzle is identifying those who are using best practices and get them to reveal to you what they are doing. It makes your path to success that much shorter. 

Use trainers and experts

Of course you can search the Internet, find a trainer and implement what they are saying is best practices.  That may work.  The problem is that these Internet sites and trainers are out there learning what works then developing training to help their clients on what is working.  That takes time and these days, things change fast.  So by the time it gets to you and you integrate it into your process, some of it or all of it can be outdated.  

Here’s another idea, find the visionary thinkers who are on the front lines doing the work and getting results.  They are constantly trying new things and adding the ones that work and discarding the ones that do not.  They evolve and create based on markets and need.  These visionaries are the ones creating the future’s best practices. 

So how do you find these visionaries and get them to talk to you?  Join an association. Get active in the association and participate.  Here are two opportunities to meet and interact with these leaders to learn their secrets. 

Attend Events for Superior Results in Staffing

First, the California Staffing Professionals (CSP) is putting on a VITAL webinar series for their members. Staring in 2016 this series hits on all the topics VITAL to your success. Included in this series are visionary thinkers who are implementing future best practices now.  This series is free to members and there is a small fee for non-members. Better yet for members all past webinars are archived and available to members at not cost to view.

Next, the CSP hosts an annual conference in Southern CA, in the May/June time frame.  If you want to learn first hand and meet these innovators, this is a unique opportunity.  The conference is in June.  I can tell you from past experience, I have personally learned at least one tip/hack/idea from each conference I have attended.  There is no better opportunity to get that first hand information.  If you are looking for ways to produce superior results and would like to network with visionary thinkers in the staffing industry, consider joining the California Staffing Professionals for this webinar series and conference.  Then, maybe you too can unlock the secret to the next big breakthrough in your career. 

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